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Тренер по фигурному катанию на коньках и роликовых коньках. Профессиональный фигурист.
Figure Skating Professional. On Ice and Inline. 
Coach, Athlete.


Сентябрь/2/2022 Дюймовочка. Тарко-Сале.  Ямало-Ненецкий АО.
Июнь/28/2022 Выступление. Игра КВН, 1/8 финала. Москва.
August/14/2017 Выступление с Сочи.
July/6/2017 Поклонная гора. Москва. РЖД праздник.
July/3/2017 Выступление. ДКЖ.
March/1/2017 Ночь на катке. Выступление и Мастер класс по фигурному катанию. 18:00. Парк Речного Вокзала.
December/20/2016 New year performance! DKZH "Zheleznodorozhnikov".
December/9/2016 Бал политических кругов России (Ritz Carltnon. Ball of the financial and political elite of Russia).
November/5-13/2016 (Оренбург, Бузулук, Ковров, Владимир). "Снежная королева". "Золушка".
October/30/2016 Нижний Новгород. "Чиполлино на льду".
October/16/2016 Выступдение в Hotel "Standart". Страстной бульвар, 2.
September/13/2016 Московская Супербабушка 2016. Государственный Концертный зал "Россия".
September/11/2016 День города. Москва. Ховринский ДКЖ. 18:00.
September/10/2016 Day of Moscow. Performance on the Red Square in Moscow, Russia. 12:00.
September/1/2016 День знаний. Ховринский ДКЖ. Выступление. 17:00.
Aug/7/2017 Performance at DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov". "Свеча". 14:00
Aug/2/2016 Performance at DKZh. День Железнодорожника. 16:00
June/23-26/2016 WIFSA World Open . Milan. Italy
June/12/2016 Ховринский ДКЖ. День города. Москва. 16:00.
May/9/2016 Выступление. ДКЖ Ховрино. День Победы! 18:00
May/5/2016 Выступление. ДКЖ Ховрино. 18:00
April/8/2016 Выступление. Ховринский ДКЖ. ул. Новая, 2. 16:00.
Февраль/7/2016 - День зимних видов спорта МПК "Северное Тушино". Выступление и Мастер класс на Катке ул. Свободы, 56. 13:00-14:00
Jan/29/2016 Выступление в ДКЖ Ховрино 16:00
Jan/7/2016 озеро Сенеж (TBA)
Jan/3/2016 Senezh lake (TBA)
Dec/29/2015 Performance for Gubernator Yaroslavl
Dec/26/2015 Moscow. TBA 14:00.
Dec/26/2015 Performance at DK Zheleznodorozhnokov. Moscow. 11:00
Dec/23/2015 "Legenda Tsvetnogo". Tsevtoy blv., Moscow. 16:00.
Dec/20/2015 Performance at DK Zheleznodorozhnokov. Moscow. 11:00
Dec/18/2015 Performance at the factory "Veka Rus". Village Gubtsevo. Moscow obl. 18:00
Dec/16/2015 Ice-rink on the Red Square in Moscow. 19:00
Dec/16/2015 Park Pobedy. Moscow. 17:00
Dec/4/2015 Moscow. Ritz Carltnon. Ball of the financial and political elite of Russia
Nov/21/2015 Ice-rink at Taganskiy Park. Opening performance.
Nov/21/2015 Park Artema Borovika. Opening performance.
World Roller Figure Skating Championship Cali 2015. Columbia.14-27 September.
June/26-28/2015 Fiflth World Inline Figure Skating Open 2015. Geneva, Switserland.
June/12/2015 Day of Russia. Performance. Klyazma. 22:00.
June/11/2015 Day of Russia. DK Zheleznodorozhnikov. Moscow 18:00.
May/31/2015 Izmaylovskiy Park. Moscow. "Event Revolution"
May/14/2015 Championat of Russian Federation. Inline Figure Skating. Moscow.
April/24/2015 Concert dedicated of day of 1 May and spring time. 16:00.
April/23/2015 Concert. DK Zheleznodorozhnikov. Moscow. 18:00.
March/5/2015 DK Zheleznodorozhnikov. Moscow.
March/5/2015 DK Zheleznodorozhnikov. Moscow.
Feb/27/2015 Russia TBA
Feb/21/2015 "Maslenitsa (16-22/February)" . Performance at DK Zheleznodorozhnikov. ulitsa Novaya, 2. Moscow, Russia.
Jan/24/2015. Figure Skating performance on the Senezhskoe lake. Seneshal. Solnechnogorsk, Russia.
Jan/20/2015. 16:00 Performance at DK Zheleznodorozhnikov. Moscow, Russia.
Jan/5/2015 Performance on natural Ice at Arthurs Spa. Katuar. Russia.
Dec/20/2014 Kolomna. Russia.
Dec/19/2014 Gatsby Style Inline Figure Skating Performance. Moscow
Dec/11/2014. The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow, Russia. Tverskaya, 3. Performance. 20:00.
Dec/11/2014. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov", ulitsa Novaya, 2. Anniversary 75 Year. 15:00. Moscow, Russia.
31May-1June/2014 XVII Russian Festival. Moscow, Russia.
30/May/2014. 17:10. Performance. Butovo, Moscow, Russia.
15/May/2014 at 17:00. Concert. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov", Ulitsa Novaya, 2. Moscow, Russia.
9/May/2014 Concert. Day of Victory in II World War. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov", Moscow, Russia. Ulitsa Novaya, 2.
8/May/2014 Performance at World Dance Olympic Championship. Moscow, Russia. "Sokolniki".
May/8/2014 Performance. Sokolniki. Open Cup of FSCR. Moscow, Russia.
APRIL/6/2014 Performanse. Luzhniki, Oriflame concert. Moscow, Russia. March/28/2014,Performance at competition Cup of Federation. Town of Vidnoe. Russia.
January/23/2014, 16:00 Performance. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov",ulitsa Novaya, 2. Moscow, Russia.
December/28/2013, 11:00, Performance. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov", Novaya ,2. Moscow, Russia.
December/22/2013, 12:00, Performance. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov", Novaya ,2. Moscow, Russia.
December/21/2013, 16:00, Performance. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov", Novaya ,2. Moscow, Russia.
Nov/24/2013 Performance at Art-Cafe Durov,Theatrium on Serpuhovka, Moscow, Russia
Oct/31/2013 Performamnce at DC "Zheleznodorozhnikov",Novaya street,2. Moscow, Russia
Aug/25/2013 Performance at Belly Dance Festival, Exibition Center (metro: VDNH, Pavilion 1), Moscow, Russia
May/19/2013 . Kiev, Ukraine. "You think you can Dance",- "Tantsuyut Vse".
DECEMBER/20/2012 Tverskaya street. Performance. Moscow, Russian Federation.
Figure Skating Recital 15/March/2008
April/29/2007 Portland, ME. Portland Ice Arena. 5PM.
April/1/2007 Skating Club at Dartmouth’s Spring Skating Spectacular at 4:00 PM Campion Rink
March/31/2007 Conway,NH at 7PM. It's Great to Skate Spring Show. Ham Arena.
March/27/2007 Wolfeboro NH 7pm . Pop Whalen Arena
March/25/2007 Ice Crystals 2007: Enchanted. At 5PM. The Whittemore Center Arena, Durham, NH.
March/24/2007 2pm and 7pm Wallace Figure Skating Club Fitchburg, Ma, Website :
February/27/2007 Winter Carnaval. Wolfboro, NH Show. 6:30PM. Pop Whalen Arena.
February/26/2007 Mt.Washington Valley 2007 Winter Carnival. Schouler Park, North Conway NH-8PM.
December/31/2006 at evening time, North Conway,NH.Downtown ,Schouler Park (outside ice-rink). 6:50PM.
December/2/2006 Holiday on ice. Conway NH 7pm
November/18/2006 Dancers , Inc. Portland,ME. Competition 9am
April/30/2006 Portland, ME. 5:00Pm . "Dream On" Show. Portland ice Arena.
April/15/2006 Ice Crystals - The Rinks at Exeter. 1PM and 4PM
Exeter, NH. April/2006. Show at the rinks at Exeter.
April/9/2006 Scating Club at Dartmouth Show. 3-4 PM
March/21/2006 Wolfeboro Ice Show. Wolfeboro, NH. Pop Whalen Arena. 7:00PM
March/18-19/2006 Dance Educators of America Competition. Portland,ME
December/3/2005 Holliday on Ice. Conway,NH. "Ham Arena".
November/19/2005 Dancers , Inc. Portland,ME. Competition
August/27/2005 Skating Exibition at Ham Arena, Conway NH, 6PM
July/4/2005 North Conway Park,NH; Mt. Washington Valley Summer Dance Intensive
May/13/2005 North Conway,NH(Eastern Slope Playhouse)- Act One Dance Company (Dance Performance)
April/30/2005 Portland,ME-Portland Ice Arena, 7PM
April/10/2005 Conway,NH- Ham Arena ,5:30PM
March/29/2005 Wolfeboro,NH-POP Whalen Ice Arena, 7PM
February/25/2005 Mt.Washington Valley 2005 Winter Carnival.
                  - Opening Ceremonies - Schouler Park, North Conway - 7 PM [1]
                  - Guest Skating performance by Vitaly Opekan:
                  - followed by Open Skating
                  - Bonfire Click for Information => Watch Video Clip
December/31/2004 at evening time, North Conway,NH.Downtown ,Schouler Park (outside ice-rink). Click for Information
December/19/2004 Portland,ME. Portland ice Arena. 6PM
December/18/2004 "Salsa on Ice".Show at Scating club at Dartmouth. Hanover,NH.Thompson Arena.4:30PM.
December/4/2004 Christmas Show. 7:00 PM at Ham Arena. Conway,NH.
Augast/21/2004 Portland Ice Arena's 2004 Summer N'ICE Skating Exibition; 6:00 PM, Portland,ME
July/4/2004 Independence Day Celebration in North Conway Park,NH;
                      Mt. Washington Valley Summer Dance Intensive Click HERE for details and VIDEO HERE
June/19/2004 Tina Titzer School of Dance Annual Recital ,"In Step!", Fryeburg,ME,
June/4-6/2004 Major League Figure Skating Championship and Extravaganza. Lakeland,FL
(the best resualt with Cable,DSL,LAN,Wi-Fi connections (100kbps and UP))
May/9/2004 (mother's day) at 12:00 pm in Augusta,ME at the Kennebec Arena.
May/2/2004 Portland ME 5PM; Portland Ice Arena "The Sun,Moon & Stars on Ice"
May/1/2004 Portland,ME 7PM; Portland Ice Arena "The Sun,Moon & Stars on Ice"
April/3/2004 Conway,NH 6:30 PM "Ham Arena"
March/27/2004 Dance Edicators of America Competition, Portland ME.
March/27/2004 Biddeford,ME, 6-8 PM
March/23/2004 Wolfeboro,NH 7PM
March/21/2004 Brunswick,ME 6-8 PM, My Performance at Christmas Show Portland ME 2003, Watch Video
Dec/31/2003 at evening time, North Conway at Downtown ,NH. Click Here for Details
Dec/13/2003 at 6PM,Portland ice Arena-Portland ,ME
Dec/12/2003 at 3PM,SCAD- Thompson ice Arena,Hanover,NH
Dec/6/2003 at 6PM ,"Ham Arena"-Conway,NH

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